The tectonic carnage and the supersonic seismic

So in these recent days the land with increase in cost, has really been shaky from the much garnered Nepalese quakes resulting in a huge amount of mass killings to the decade old tsunami that shattered 3 countries viz Sri Lanka,Indonesia with India. Not only humans but to a great extent the Animalia kingdom has been pulled of life. While the most of our focus is on the death toll worriedly watching the mainstream news channels cleverly clumped together by the dth broadcasters, describing the intensity the epicenter the speed of the seismic wave; the much chit chat goes on the Richter scale number and the greater it is the higher the count of souls separating flesh. The majority of those tv watchers wouldn’t know that the richter scale isn’t linear but is logarithmic with every succeeding level harsher than preceeding by 10 times.

Asia has the highest number of quakes from small trembles to about 46, over 8 magnitude land displacements.The tectonic plates have surely activated.

One should make a thing in their mind that the indian subcontinent is not freshly experiencing these movements. Just the frequency of this has been terribly increased.
Starting from the decade’s biggest seismic waves striking in Nepal the oldie Hindukush ranges and then Myanmar.

The lesser known facts
Less number of people know that the Himalayas are the youngest mountain ranges folded ranges caused due to earth movement as compared to Alps or Bavaria or Rocky  any other known ranges which congregated that much attention for being tall.

The indian subcontinent has been moving into asia, to the north east to be specific, at the rates of 5cm under year.That’s causing the whole of the land near the Himalayan strip the controversial tibet Nepal and places Nrth east including Myanmar to shatter. A trivial news isn’t it 5cm is nothing more than a length of your small finger. imagine yourself pushing an elephant …could you push it by even a mm? imagine some1 pushing a million square miles of earth crust.
If things go piling up inside,there has to be something trying to break apart trying to stretch and that’s the compromise done by the north west from bhuj in Gujarat along the Kashmir. Ripping apart.

Try not being in these areas for a long time and buying, don’t even think of it. I ain’t a real estate expert or a land selling broker or a malevolent hitter of Indian tourism who would want to attract your attention but doing some crazy stunts. The safest thing to avoid is simply not being there. Most of the best spots fall under earthquake prone region. Well, if you want to explore the oppulence of nature you gotta bear the rawness of it. lobbying people to buy what and what not.

There are some early indicators which might be useful for your life.As the matter is of life nothing can be considered frivolous.

Unusual Atmospheric changes complying to the change in magnetic fields.the over stressed parts of the ground.The high friction n uneven hitting rocks miles below the mantle pave a way to reproduce the same above if you’re careful enoung you can watch it.High friction and rubbing means heat and some where or the other this heat needs to dissipate in the form of great temperature or electric fields.viewed in the space is some strange scenes as in some supernova is going to burst few feet away from you.

Electronic signs and warning systems are actively participating in the rescue by japan can give the residents some seconds leverage for evacuation.

Animals are known to sense nature more sensitively than Homo sapiens or Homo sapiens sapiens. Of course intelligent animals with a lot of sapiens have lost those senses. Animals are good at finding whats wrong so if your dog has gone crazy barking at nothing maybe youve misunderstood your pet.Humans have lost their inner compass busy spending their time in front of screens thus surrounded by artificial magnetic fields has done nothing other than developing toned muscles to attract the opposite gender and outclassing thinking neurons of half a kilo brain belonging to the previous generation.
There have been incidents where streams went anti to their natural directional to their natural flow…birds following unusual patterns.there was a thing whilch went in out textbooks that standing at the door entrance is a good safety measures to avoid much damage but everything of it is totally false. Doorways aren’t the best possible rescue media in modern homes.

There wasn’t anything to do when a meteorite banged our beloved planet and there isn’t anything to do when something slides and plays with the so called fixed frame of the classical physics.Only thing is keenness to what our biosphere, inspite of its zipped mouth, is trying to say.


Vaporizing H2O and the self-slaughter saga

While the west is relieved of constant and sadistic snowfalls, the Europeans flying to Italy,Spain or Greece to soak themselves in sun and enjoy the beaches,the east is burning. Maybe in the next 10 days while most of you would be enjoying those soothing near 20 temperatures; a lot would be quarreling for water would be dying of the so called heat wave.
I wonder how the fate of the so called world’s largest economies still depends on rains. If you add an ‘uneven’ adjective to that word things start going wide. Even the best amount of rains are unable to wipe off heat. Playing off tons of liters of water on the ground just for that 2 hr entertainment game to lure a bunch of thousands of crowd is nowhere near being philanthropic.Especially when on the other end of the same state, trains are being used to transport water. However, its nice to see people showcasing their arithmetic skills in solving percentage problems.

img  suicidesper100,000

A good amount of series of suicide streaks , whether its coming from a certain concentrated epicenter or the lifeline like Mumbai or some rustic or countryside of india. A suicide is still a suicide and it doesn’t change its definition for money. It undoubtedly infers that not only the common public but also the affluent ones are always living in tensions of the worldly stuff. The better ones having money addicted to drugs fall short of psychological stability.
Though committing suicide is said to be trending among youth, there is a range of humans from the poor to the best monetary asset individuals and everybody does the same. Hanging and high dosage of drugs and poisons stand as the best methods to expel souls from flesh. The ones with extraordinary relationships with the Bollywood with the daily soaps do get a good amount of coverage among social circles and exposure in the media.But success is nothing if your cardio isn’t beating. Living in the fear of losing their boyfriends, surrounded by mental oppression or losing yields on some acres of land. The countries although boast thousands of resolutions and deals on bringing up the economic revolution and bringing a two digit GDP; there are some satisfaction things, the eternal things that need to be adjusted,to be alleviated.
With the economic depreciation in our country that’s constantly questioned as a culprit for suicides on that large scale, research has proved, the not so known reason accused is the lack of equanimity state the psychic condition. Japan, South Korea and Lithuania all being those nation successfully cutting off those ing from ‘developing’ nations still face the shame off being in the top 10 suicidal nation. A lot of improvisation is still needed with the psychoanalysts and physiotherapists needing to step up to stop the psychomania arising in society.On the similar scales the minister of MP,one of the 29 Indian states, has launched the satisfaction ministry for the same.
Nevertheless, we chauvinistically flaunt as one of the countries which sustains long old traditions of enlightenment the eternity of soul and yoga,purists, followers meditation and thousands of such concepts. The suicide declination and happiness index aren’t above par.

Everyone needs a peace of time to sit alone retrace their living purpose align their goals and again go and give a push to their life.Surrounding themselves with lot of people and thus billions of chaotic neurons makes this hard though.

Plucking flair with the Entertainment gizmo

Long time ago there was a wave of homemade sports that would raise interest among people of all kinds and ages. Many of them still exist and many have been lost or replaced my more software gaming, video gaming leaned PSs and a lot of mobile games (the same place where I type this article and try very hard to avoid chatting/replying or browsing in the same time)

One of the games that’s wholly indigenous and has successfully made a cut to the international community of challenging sports is Kabaddi. It’s like the Baseball of the States or the Bull fighting of Spain. Although it hasn’t been accustomed with the stature of an Olympic game it still works and quite brilliantly compared to other ones included in the game list. India has been renowned in hockey, however it isn’t Purely Indian origin not even Asian.2

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Toying with nukes and 50 shades of Kim Jong

A month ago on 6th January, a 4th nuclear test was conducted by one of the mysterious nation considered as the loneliest with respect to revealing their cultural, economical or any sort of identities. A country where dictatorship prevails over everything, no modified dictatorship, no communism, no shit.

Adding to this we witnessed a missile test exactly a month after on 6th February Pyangyong declared it’s for military security some argued in the favor of ballistic missile. No one would ever believe the certainty of Kim Jong to use their missiles for a good cause. But still the question remains why is that when China tests the nuclear capability missiles or even India does that the US doesn’t yell out on what should be done and what should not be.

UN responded to it as a threat to the entire so called democratic republic society, especially the westerners including some easterners eagerly adopting western policies. It’s not the only country having conducted this level of nuclear tests in recent decade, but it surely is the land conducting tests in the wrong time. The time is when every uranium and plutonium around the sphere has been made to sleep knowing its after effects.

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The Freebie of Free Basics – Lobbying worth millions in vain

Some days ago Facebook tried to put a mass user plan in action for all Indians. Use of some websites with no data charges while other websites would be chargeable for customers. Restricting them to explore and caging them in these tiny fancy world of 10-15 websites having fast speed. Of course its evitable to think that the big businesses would get a good edge over their not so rich counterparts violating net neutrality.
For other websites to get advantage of that elite 15, well they’ll have to simply drown more capital in Facebook’s locker. The advantage for the masses is that they can use free internet (particularly some niche drops of the entire sea so called information).and hail it, that’s for free. Because the site pays Facebook a good amount to come in that free niche. Its analogous to differentiating of drops of water as a special drop and the rest as taxable drop.


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A globe smeared with black poison

The World climate change conference summit has been overshadowed ahead of a bunch of things happening in Europe,particularly Turkey-Syria border.Shooting down of Russia’s fighter jet,a long chat on USA’s preference to send its troops to Ukraine rather than fighting one on one with jihadists,deployment of S400 defence systems for destroying anti aircraft missiles,Germany announcing their their troops to join the war and David Cameroon’s success in approving the bill in parliament to enter the war.


These environmental problems don’t arise in a single day, nor die in a single dreamful night.They would probably affect the generation ahead of us changing the human genes to more weaker species,mentally and physically weaker to sustain.Who knows, maybe outwitten by other better species in the Animalia kingdom, we wouldn’t be able to satisfy the Darwin’s theory on survival of the fittest. Fukushima daichi blasts are having a long lasting effect on the country’s human resources and future.The radiation levels in japan have resulted in degenerative quality of babies taking birth in pain and miserable conditions affecting Japan’s future.

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No time for sympathy…

imageRecently, I read a blog about a guy from Lebanon who wrote that his country wasn’t given much attention. No sympathy, no revenge words were written on social media and shared among other countries about the bomb blasts that took place in Beirut which killed 45, on the day earlier than Paris attacks. On the other hand all of the world mourned about the Paris attacks. All over the world French flags were displayed, every country showing their deepest condolences. No country helps in this situations, and the one which helps are then surrounded by speculations of what advantages they would gain and what they lose by killing terrorists and occupying the land-a recent hot topic among all media channels showing the US vs Russia rivalry over the Syrian Civil war.image One of the reaction that I listened about and I found it usual was told by a former Rtd. commander of my country, “Till the time any country faces crisis, they themselves experience it, no one’s going to help. Your land would get a lot of sympathies, empathies but no assistance. Selfishness still prevails in our society.” French President Hollande never told that he would give a response or either help any country for all these terrorist attacks that happened earlier to Paris. It was that time when he sat in the stadium enjoying the football match and 3 bombs blew up behind his ass outside the stadium, that he stated his stubborn words.

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Trains that never sleep!

Locals, indeed Mumbai locals. I never get bored when I start writing about it. It feels like something so close to my heart. Recently the controversial trial case of 7/11 bomb blasts or (7 11 2006 bomb blast to be clear) was completed, where about 200 people were killed. Metros, sky bus, cabs, waterways projects are being undertaken and cabs having a lot of demand, locals still remain the lifeline of Mumbai.


If you’ve traveled through it at peak hours (and I mark, at peak hrs.), I bet you’ve had all of the worst experiences of your travelling in one short span of time, much like every bad thing that has ever happened. You would have been pushed and pulled to your limit. This is the place where you don’t have to arrange people and say them ,”o yea there’s a space,probably you people have ordered yourself wrong,”. The most people that could ever fit in that volume. Highest Human Flesh Density ,I guess. I wonder how osmium holds that much weight. And yes.. the bag packs and plastic bags and those hundreds of different carrybags.I bet even hettich would be ashamed to see that this much amount can be placed in so less volume.Though the air handling,circulation and the fans and have been significantly improved in this day trains to cater the 80 to 90% relative humidity, still it can’t suffice the actual needs it will need tons of research or i guess tons and tons of ACs to compromise for that amount of heat generated.If i try to calculate as .3 tonne per would make 75 tonnes for 250 ppl, around 100 tonne to give some cooling effect.el O elzz.

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Automotive Safety at its worst in India- AIS, ECE and NCAP

Amidst a series of fatal accidents taking place at Mumbai Pune expressway, the US emission norms violation by Volkswagen (of course their diesel cars) and the Maruti Suzuki workers protesting for their wages, the transport minister of our country emphasizes on switching to Euro 6 rules (skipping the euro 5). (However among all the chaos, India still sticks to the bs4 (euro 4) rules.)  It is indispensable to improve the quality standards of the vehicle that the customers are buying and the working culture in vehicle industries.

Mostly, the current scenario of Indian automotive industry stands on the biggest pillar of selling “cheap” cars to lure the middle class and lower class masses and drive them towards buying 4 wheelers which are hyped to be more secured, more comfortable and has more space than the compatriot 2 wheelers. Here, cars symbolize more as a status in society rather than a tool for commuting. People can easily be lured. Bunch of specifications and some 10 adjectives is the best recipe in this business. Most of the automotive industry runs on small segment cars (hatchbacks) which come with features like best in class mileage, good boot space, head room, a dozen of cosmetic alterations and facelifts. Affordability and mileage of this segment drives the industry. Although a majority of the homegrown auto manufacturing giants do not focus on safety and the pollution standards. Most of the cars produced by these car manufactories failed in safety tests as well as crash tests conducted according to Euro regulations. The main reasons are the standards which are drafted by regulatory boards in India and the non-compulsion of airbags ABS or child seats.
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An epilogue on Sweden visit

This Jan I won a competition at ARAI (Automotive Research Authority of India) which is considered as one of the renowned center here. As a winning team I and my friend had to visit Sweden as a part of prize this June. Our main objective was to visit Volvo plants, experience center and gain knowledge about automotive systems. Also, visiting the cities, Gothenburg, the Volvo hub and Stockholm, the Capital and learning the culture of the country. To visit Torslanda plant and Tuve plant and get a taste of manufacturing practices of Volvo Cars and Volvo Trucks.

 Evolution of Volvo as a brand from SKF took years of toil. The safety standards maintained in the cars crash testing, impact testing, human comfort the air quality circulation and filtration, upholstery analysis, safety standards use of Boron steel, Dynamic steering control, I-shift automatic transmission system, vehicle coasting dynamics for better mileage were brilliant. Engine emission Euro 6 and 7 norms, as compared to BS 4 emissions are very stringent. With such norms, building cars with extraordinary fuel efficiency and no compromise in performance requires lot of research. Evolution of safety standards – 3 point safety belt, emission reduction system,  selection of Volvo automobiles as benchmark for safety standard in US were just a glimpses of their achievements in global automotive market. Volvo’s aim to make road commuting safer is reflected by their releasing of patent rights of safety belt and emission control devices to the entire automotive world so that everyone can benefit from Volvo’s innovation.

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